Leadership Team

The Ministers

We currently have two part time Ministers Rev Raymond Lunt and Rev Donald Cross.

Don says:
Why should an 80 year old retired Methodist Minister with responsibilities to wife, children and grandchildren respond to a call to join the Leadership team at Newmount?

The answer is Jesus!
First, a desire that all may know the hope, joy and purpose in life which the knowledge of His love has brought to my life. This desire remains as strong today as when I first believed.
Second, the belief that the above aim is best achieved by a community of workers whose service of Jesus is expressed in service to others in His name.

Can you join in achieving this vision?

RAYMOND is married to Gwen. For many years they lived in Mid-Cheshire where he was in professional practice as a Chartered Accountant. He also served as an elected Councillor for 9 years, including 1 year as Mayor of Winsford. Although a local preacher from his teenage years, Raymond experienced God’s call to Ministry and trained at Hartley Victoria College in Manchester. He has served in a variety of appointments in four circuits until retiring with Gwen to the Derby Circuit, where the privilege of preaching the good news of Jesus Christ and service in the church has continued. Raymond writes poetry, meditations and character reflections to share the Gospel Message, some of which are included in his book “A Walk with Christ”.

The Stewards

The Church Stewards are a representative body of elected members, who co-ordinate with other committees within the church. We work as a team, meeting regularly to discuss, plan and pray for all aspects of the life of our Church. We are active in many groups and activities of the church.

Our current team of Stewards are -

Peter Blount - Senior Steward
Ruth Croft
Barbara Daniels
Jane Smith
Barry Taft