Who We Are

Preaching Series - What Christians Believe

In this short series on the Apostles Creed, we explore what Christians believe and why it matters. All are welcome to join us for all or any of these services. 

10.30am Sunday January 2nd 
God the Creator led by Mr Peter Blount 
If God created the heavens and the earth and everything in it, what difference  does it make to the way we live our lives and the way we treat the planet? 

10.30am Sunday January 9th 
Jesus, the Son of God, born to Mary, conceived by the Holy Spirit led by Mr Andy Cokayne 
Jesus is both fully human and fully divine. Why is it important that Jesus is  God’s Son and not just a good man? 

10.30am Sunday January 16th 
Jesus was crucified, died and was buried led by Rev Raymond Lunt  
(Service of Holy Communion) 
Why did Jesus have to die? And what does his death have to say to us about  the forgiveness of sins? 

10.30am Sunday January 30th  
The resurrection of Jesus led by Rev Jacky Quarmby
Why is the resurrection of Jesus important? And what difference does it  make to us when we die?

10.30am Sunday February 6th 
Jesus ascends into heaven and will one day return again for the final judgment led by Mr Peter Nelson 
Why did Jesus leave earth and ascend into heaven and what will happen when Jesus returns? What difference does the promise of Jesus’ return make to the  way we live now? 

10.30am Sunday February 13th 
The gift of God’s Holy Spirit led by Mr Roy Milward 
Who is the Holy Spirit and how does the Holy Spirit make a difference  in our lives? 

10.30am Sunday February 20th 
The Holy Church and the Communion of saints led by Mrs Rita Wright 
What is the church and why is it important that we meet together with other believers? What is the communion of saints and how can it be an inspiration to us? 

10.30am Sunday February 27th 
The Methodist Covenant Service led by Rev Jacky Quarmby  
An opportunity for us to recommit our lives to God using the words of the Methodist Covenant Service.