Renew 2014

The vision / theme was conceived as the Church Stewards observed that our numbers and attendance at Church gatherings were getting very low for various reasons.

This has become a concern to the Stewards who embarked on a brainstorming session to arrive at a strategy to address the concern and, by the grace of God, improve the situation. “Renew 2014” is the strategy that we shall be focusing from 2014.

To prepare ourselves as a Church for “Renew 2014”, we have planned some prayer events prior to the official launch of the vision. We therefore are asking the cooperation, commitment and participation of everyone at Newmount Methodist Church.

The following are the events and dates that we have planned for the whole Church:
1. Service on Ash Wednesday (5th March) 6.00pm Tea & Coffee. Service start at 6.30pm to introduce Vision of RENEW 2014 and 6 weeks of prayer. Service will include Holy Communion.

2. 6 Prayer Cards – one issued each week to focus on all aspects of RENEW 2014 vision and outreach. For more information on these, please see the menu on the left.

3. Service on Maundy Thursday (17th April) to conclude the 6 weeks of prayer and launch the vision in practical terms. This service will include Holy Communion.