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Reflections Through The Passion - Day 7

by Peter Blount and Andy Cokayne 1 April 2021

Passover Last Supper

Reading :-  Mark :14 v 12 – 26 

Please read these familiar verses from your chosen translation and dwell on the verses which mean the most to you.

There is no question that this was a busy and difficult day in the life of Jesus, and as such we should ponder the very different events which took place. 

As an indicator this day has many names - The Passover, The Feast of the Unleavened Bread and more recently Maundy Thursday and the Last Supper.

So, firstly we read how Jesus directed His disciples to find the location for their last meal together, it turned out to be a room in the southern part of Jerusalem and in a private house, made available to Passover pilgrims as was the tradition. 

Before the meal Jesus demonstrates His humility by washing the disciples feet, then as they eat together sharing bread and wine Jesus offers the elements as representing His flesh and blood, sacrificed for all time. Clearly, it is from here that our tradition of communion originates.  Jesus also announces that all the disciples will abandon Him and one in particular will be the betrayer!  

The scripture concludes with the words ‘After they had sung a hymn’ 

As part of the blessings of Easter week from our congregation David Holness shared his version of the ‘Old Rugged Cross’

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After they had sung a Hymn, to conclude their Passover meal, the scripture continues to describe (Mark 14 : 27plus) how they all travelled across Jerusalem to the Mount of Olives (see No5 on the map) when again, Jesus predicts, much to the protests of Peter, that they will deny him and flee away.  

In the heat of this discussion Judas has slipped away and later returned with the Roman soldiers so that Jesus can be arrested and taken away in readiness for the mock trial, and inhumane treatment that would follow prior to His crucifixion.

Prayers Through The Passion
Heavenly Father, so many times your Son taught invaluable lessons round the meal table, enable us to hear; to understand; to be challenged by; and to receive, the life lessons you want to teach us. That we may grow up in our Christian faith to be mature followers of your Son, to your glory. We ask this in Jesus’ name.