Sharing Our Faith Together

Retelling the stories of Jesus - Holiday Club 2023

by Peter Blount 30 July 2023

Welcome to ‘Sharing Our Faith’ at the conclusion of this year's Holiday Club.

Today's Reading :- John Ch 4 v 46 – 53

This scripture was used on the first day of Holiday Club which has taken place during the last week. 
On this day we used the title ‘Jesus meets a very important man’.
But despite his importance and high position in society, he could not do anything about the fact that his son was very ill. 
This important man, recognised in Jesus a power far greater than he would ever have.  Therefore, he was prepared to go and beg Jesus to heal his son and because of the man's faith, Jesus was able to heal his son without visiting and great rejoicing followed, but Jesus power to heal was never forgotten. 

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For some Sunday school and children’s songs may be a long time in the past – don’t worry they are for me too!  But, the memories are as clear today as they ever were.  

However, Sunday school or Holiday Club, they are both ways of introducing the old, old story of Jesus and His love and healing power, whether it’s with songs or craft or video, or in these modern times, particularly, we try to tell the stories in new and exciting ways to keep the children interested. 

As always, this past week has been most enjoyable for both children and leaders alike – in fact, often the leaders get more out of it than the children! 

The fact remains that these “Old Stories of Jesus and His love” are equally relevant now as they were many years ago, when we first heard them and even before that!

As you read these words, can I ask you to join with us in praying for all of the children who have been with us this week at Holiday Club.  

Remembering that they are not just a group of children but that each one is very much an individual, their backround and circumstances may differ tremendously but, Jesus loves and cares for each one.  

So, do pray that any seeds of God's love, however small they may be, that have been sown this week will find good ground in which to grow and produce knowledge and encouragement as these children develop in stature.  

May the stories of Jesus that have been with us for many years, be with each of these children too and bring them a lifetime of blessing. 

Thank you for sharing and praying –

The Holiday Club team.