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A Gift…

by Stuart Malkin 1 December 2021
First published on 1/12/2020. We continue to post new thoughts but hope you find encouragement and blessing in revisiting some which have appeared earlier.

Do you like receiving birthday, anniversary and Christmas presents? From an early age or even to this very day there is something exciting about receiving a present or a card that expresses how someone feels about you. Of recent years my son loves to send me a humorous card, although not sure where he gets the sense of fun from!

Some presents you never forget and I have such a present. Some years ago Ann gave me a big box to unwrap and inside was another wrapped box, and so it went on until I got to the final unwrap. Inside was a beautiful framed photograph of herself which must have cost her a large slice of her income then. That photo is kept in prime position to this very day.

It’s the beginning of December, a time when we start to think of Christmas. However, going back many years we were always reminded that Christmas was a month away by our teenager and it was her birthday first. When celebrating such an event the first thing to do was pretend the two were too close together and Christmas was very important. I recall on one occasion she told me, with a face that would soften any iceberg, that she was important too. So what would we give her each year became more problematic the older she became. As time has gone by, the situation has changed and if you ask the searching question now, the reply at 40+ is “you don’t need to get anything or perhaps something for the house”. (Now she knows what it’s like when dad says “Don’t get me anything.”)

As we move into Advent, I recall when I went into my second year in junior school. Mrs Harrison had the patience of Job because there were 40 children in class and she helped each one of us to make an advent calendar. How proud we were to take them home. Those calendars came out for some years to follow.

So much for personal reminiscing because we know that in a months time the greatest gift to the world arrives. His name is Jesus! I would like to share with you a piece of music that pulls on the heart strings and memories.

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Advent is a wonderful time because it’s a mix of looking back as well as looking forward. We can all think of gifts we have given or received, but what has happened in God’s past and what he has planned for the future far exceeds all other gifts.

Let’s get excited!