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A Glimpse of God

by Peter Blount 11 June 2022
First published on 17/6/2020. We continue to publish new thoughts but hope you find encouragement and blessing from revisiting some we have previously published.

I was watching a TV programme recently about railway architecture, now there’s a surprise, me, a programme about railways!

This particular piece of architecture was the new station built recently (2000’s) at the top of Snowdon, North Wales.

The presenter, Tim Dunn set off from Llanberis to visit the new station at the summit. It was a lovely day on departure, but as is often the case, on arrival at the summit the whole mountain top was shrouded in cloud and he was hard pressed to see the trig point some 100 yards away, never mind the vast, extensive and glorious views. But in true reporting style, he made the most of the situation.

A little later Tim Dunn was still at the summit, still surrounded by cloud and was interviewing the building's architect when, suddenly the cloud broke, the sun came out and there was a spectacular view. Only seconds later the cloud returned but they had had a tantalising view, a glimpse of what was beyond.

I have been to Snowdon many times, only twice have the conditions permitted a trip to the top (by train of course) but on both occasions the weather was crystal clear and the wind still. How lucky was I? On both trips I stood for ages drinking in the indescribable views, the latest visit was only a few years back so I also got to see the new station – sorry Tim Dunn!!

Sometimes our Christian life is a bit like Tim Dunn’s experience on top of Snowdon, we seem to be shrouded in mist and cloud, knowing full well that the magnificence and power of God surrounds us but we just can’t see it.

But in our darkest hours God allows the clouds to part, just for a moment and we catch a ‘Glimpse of God’.

Read Elijah’s experience on Mt Herob. 1 Kings 19 v 9 to 19

I would encourage you to be always ready to catch that moment, drink in its glory and find blessing.


Lord, each day guide us through the clouds and please encourage us with a glimpse of your glory.


The short video that follows is what Tim would have seen – cloud permitting!

It does show the grandeur and magnificence of Snowdon – no wonder it’s a National park!

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