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A promise made that is meaningful

by Stuart Malkin 15 January 2023

The beginning of a new year and one thing many people promise to do is to start on a new footing.Perhaps by doing more exercise if possible, or eating less food that may be doing harm. It could be cutting back on spending on items they do not really need.   etc, etc.
Invariably, the promises are easily broken,  just like piecrust,  as my old gran used to say.

What about promises that are made to people? The obvious one is those made in a marriage ceremony. However, promises can be made to others particularly if we recognise our weaknesses.How about promising to keep our relationship with God/Christ.

There was a beautiful song that Jim Reeves sang, “I would  have Jesus than silver or gold,  I would be his than riches untold”

Generally speaking we are rich in many ways,  however man being what he is invariably wants more, and all the promises in the world add nothing to such wealth.   For anyone who has experienced the gift of God in coming to know Jesus in their life, know what the Jim Reeves song means.

We can make many promises in our lives but they are as nothing to what God makes to man. (I heard it said by a preacher that God made 3764 promises, identified in the Bible,  whether that is true or not I have to say I have never checked it out)

Song: God always keeps his promises

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Reading: Matthew 19 verse 26
Why are Gods promises different to man’s,  simply that as Jesus said “ for God all things are possible “.  

As seen in the song we have just heard God dealt with many situations and many of man’s difficulties even if the people concerned didn’t always understand the outcomes.
Today are we willing to place our total lives in his hands and accept the outcomes of his promises to us whatever and whenever we need them, not always easy,  but life is like that.   However,  knowing that there is a security in knowing that the Lord is our Shepherd and we will not want because we are secure in his promises that are meaningful to each and everyone of us.

We praise you God for all that you have promised to us. We may not always understand your ways but help us to be thankful for them. Amen.