Sharing Our Faith Together

A Special Letter

by Stuart Malkin 9 April 2022
First posted 23/3/2021. We continue to post new thoughts but hope you find encouragement and blessing in revisiting some we have published previously.

When you receive a personal letter from someone is there a little internal flutter as you open the envelope? Ann and I received two letters the other day,  one written to each of us,  from our two youngest granddaughters. They wanted to know how each of us were, as they hadn’t seen us for such a long time. They had been very busy so they wanted to share this.  The eldest was continuing with her violin with the possibility of a medal, so this was something she wanted to share.  With all the technical methods that are available, when someone has taken the time to make, write and draw pictures, it’s really special, almost as if you have received a hug. We each wrote back to each girl and we understand they were thrilled, just as we had been.

Certain well known people, although they will go down in history for what they did to possibly change the world, also were prolific letter writers,  one such person was Sir Winston Churchill and the  love letters to Clementine, his then wife to be. He met and he proposed to her within 4 months and letters went back and forward  in social, political and war lives.  They were constantly warm and never ending in their love for each other. Very few of us would, I suggest, send letters in this volume.

From 1946 until 2004 Alistair Cooke broadcast a “Letter From America” on Radio 4.   It was intended to last for 13 episodes but because of its popularity it went through this extended time period of  48 years. In each 15 minute slot you felt he had actually written a letter keeping you up to date with what was going on in the USA and its effects on the world.

Somehow you felt that he had gone into his study,  sat down at his desk and thought to himself I am going to write to …… what shall I write about tonight. What a gift this man had.

YouTube shows adverts which may not be appropriate to the video we have selected.

The song has a subheading “A letter to Heaven” which makes you think a little and pause to think that God is all around us.   But I have I kept my eyes open.

It then reminds us that we may see a beggar,  maybe a total stranger or an angel in disguise,  a lonely  neighbour looking for a few kind words, etc….   Would you offer him your hand.   Letters can be written in various ways and in this case a singer finds her own way of doing this.

There are numerous letters in the bible Paul  wrote to the various churches either offering encouragement or in some cases directions for change were deliberately written.   If Paul was writing to the churches in this area, what would he be saying to show us that Christ is always at the centre of the fellowship and the individual’s heart?

Help us to listen Lord to everything you have to say to us and the various ways it is delivered.   Amen