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All Praise To Our Redeeming Lord

by Stuart Malkin 29 August 2022
First published 5 May 2021. We continue to post new thoughts but hope you find encouragement and blessing in revisiting some we have previously published.

Reading: Psalm 150 v 1 to 6

When was the last time you praised someone close to you in the family?

Maybe it was a youngster for their work at school,  or even something that they have made out of the blue,  especially if it’s for mum or dad.  Praise for a young one who has sporting abilities and you were there when they scored the winning goal, that is something.   Special because your presence was part of the praise.

As you get older the use of praise,  may I suggest, gets less.    Why is this?

Do we take people more for granted,  or think praise is not required!   Each meal that we have prepared to the level of Masterchef ensuring each course leaves the something special in every mouthful.

Does it really take much to praise people in the church for what they have done or are doing to ensure the word of God has and is proclaimed in a world lacking in faith.   When did we praise the Minister or lay preacher who has opened up the word and in doing so opened our ears and eyes probably for the first time.    Maybe we should consider doing it either verbally or by a written word,  there are so many methods these days.

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It was my birthday this week and I tend to sit down and think of things of the past.  More than 50 years ago we had at the Baptist chapel I went to,  an evangelical charismatic preacher come on two occasions. His name was Gordon Penny.   On one occasion he spoke on “ In the beginning God created” and on the other “Praise God in”,  Gordon had a gift of speaking.   To many he made the words as if they were for just for you alone, with visually and verbally. We read in Psalm 150 a range of places and actions were praise for and to God and.   I can hear Gordon in his first visit reducing the whole biblical passage down to “In the beginning” and in the second visit “Praise God” and tying them together.  At the end saying Praise God was not just in the beginning but must continue just now but forever.  You were left thinking how true, the message remains even after all these years.   There are times in all our lives that we find it difficult because of human weakness, but may we never cease to praise God for all that he does for us.

All praise to our beloved Lord Day by Day. Amen