Sharing Our Faith Together

Always There

by Chris Lane 28 June 2022
First published 24/6/2021. We continue to post new thoughts but hope you find encouragement and blessing in revisiting some we have previously published.

Reflection on Psalm 139

Lord you know me
Wherever I am, you are.
You hear all I say.
You see all I do.
You know what words will come from my mouth.
You envelop me.
Your protection is all around me.
You are beyond understanding.
I love you.
I can never get away from you because your love is so great.
You never let go.
Wherever I am, you are.
Wherever I am, any darkness turns to light with you.
You are my creator.
You have always known me.
Lord, examine me and my wrongdoing.
Forgive me for anything that I have done that has made you sad.
And guide me in your ways every day.
From now to eternity.

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Let us Pray
Father God,
Thank you for your word that reminds us that you care for every person you have made and your love is beyond our comprehension.

Nothing can separate us from your unfailing love.

Lord help us to remember that you are always there, and wherever we are, you are present with us.

Help us to live out this truth in our lives, and may we do only those things that are pleasing in Your sight, in Jesus’ name we pray.