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Be Encouraged Our God is Here

by Andy Cokayne 9 October 2021
First published on 25th March 2020. New thoughts will continue to appear here, but we also hope you will find encouragement in revisiting some which appeared earlier.

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Psalm 46:1-11

Whatever our state of mind, or physical position, we are always encouraged to look at the Psalms, they were Israel’s hymn book, and they are filled with words where people have expressed their likes and their dislikes; their joys and their frustrations, with the God who they know is there with them. At a recent prayer meeting, Greg our minister, encouraged us to look at Psalm 46, and so I share it with you.

In this Psalm the writer expresses his faith in the God who is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble, and whatever happens, because he is the one who we can rely on, we have no need to fear. The times are uncertain, we are not sure what will happen next. Here the writer encourages his readers to have confidence in the God whom we profess to worship. It’s as though the writer is saying don’t look down, and get depressed with all that is happening around you, look up to the God who is with you through it all. He will not let you down, or disappear, he can be relied upon. Whether you turn to him occasionally or regularly, he is your refuge.

We are all going through uncertain times, but we have a God who is an ever-present help in trouble.


Be encouraged, our God is here with us.

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Father help us to look up to you, our God who is with us through ever changing and challenging times, remembering that you are our refuge and strength, our constant companion, our ever-present help in trouble, and be encouraged.

In Jesus name.