Sharing Our Faith Together

Beautiful Words

by Stuart Malkin 29 September 2021
First published on 17/9/2020. We continue to post new thoughts but hope you find encouragement and blessing from some we have published previously

For many years the singing of words of faith was limited to the hymnal. Many hymns were meaningful, but inevitably there are some that leave one cold. Thankfully we are blessed with quite a range of praise music these days.

However, I have to say one of the hymns from the standard hymnals I have loved for many decades is “For the beauty of the earth”. The second part of this line talks about the beauty of the sky, for a while I went for watercolour painting lessons and the tutor constantly stressed the importance of ensuring that the sky was right, as it invariably made the picture. How true!

Later the hymn goes on to ensure you open your eyes to all around you, we are told of how all around us is being obliterated so our senses are so important.

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“There’s the wonder of sunset at evening” is by George Beverley Shea, who sang at many of Billy Graham rallies. Many a mind is focused on God’s creation, but very quickly the singer ensures we are shown what the greatest wonder is, that God loves us.

If we think of the smallest and greatest of all that has been discovered, and probably still to be discovered compare that to LOVE. There is no comparison when it is a personal love by a man willing to die on a cross. The beauty of the earth compared to the beauty of knowing about God’s personal love is just not compatible.

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May remember the greatest gift you have given is the wonder that you love us all with an everlasting love.