Sharing Our Faith Together


by Chris Lane 15 December 2021
First published on 14/12/2020. We continue to post new thoughts but hope you find encouragement and blessing from revisiting some we have previously published.

As I prayed at the end of the day, I thanked God for all the blessings I had received that day. The early morning sunshine and the privilege of reading God’s word. Reading the words of faith on Newmount’s website and the wonders of the internet for an aerobics class. The food on the table. The wonder of God’s creation during a walk, the sharing of greetings with strangers met on route, and so much more.

What a wonderful God we worship.

Psalm 113
How great and glorious is our God!
From hour to hour, from day to day,
our lives ought to overflow
with praise and gratitude.
It is amazing, even fantastic,
how our God permeates every facet of our lives
and works His purposes
despite our human faults and failures.

He creates beauty out of dust
of our fallen natures.
Out of the ashes of our failures
He brings forth meaning and purpose.
He exalts the humble and enriches the poor.
He transforms our weaknesses
into channels of strength.
Our emptiness becomes a vessel of His fullness,
our spiritual poverty
the basis for His eternal grace.
Our errors and mistakes
are stepping stones to success.
Our defeats are only incidents
on the road to victory.

But this is God’s doing not ours.
How great and glorious is our God.

(Leslie Brandt Psalms Now)

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Let us pray

Lord thank you for all that you give us each and every day of our lives.

May we pour out our praise to you each and every day of our lives, from this day forward and into eternity.