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Call Out To Jesus

by Sue Muessig 4 May 2022
First published 21/4/2021. We continue to post new thoughts but hope you find encouragement and blessing from revisiting some we have published previously.

Bible Reading: Luke 18:35-43 - A Blind Beggar Receives His Sight 

It must have been a degrading experience for the blind man, who through no fault of his own had ended up a beggar because he was blind. Waiting on the roadside for a kind person to give him money as many just walked by would have been difficult.  As soon as the beggar heard that Jesus was nearby he immediately called out to Jesus, acknowledging who He was, “the Son of David”, the One who could help him.  When he was told to be quiet, he called out even more and although there was a busy, noisy, crowd, Jesus heard his cry for help and healed him because of his faith.  

Recently I started a new medication, which means that I have to go to the hospital for an infusion, and they always do a blood test first.  Setting it up is the most difficult part for me as I have very small, narrow veins meaning it is always a challenge for the nurses.  The last time I went, was the most difficult.  I had been praying silently the whole time, but the nurses were beginning to worry as they were running out of places in my arms and hands to find a vein strong enough.  Then one of the nurses started praying out loud; “Dear Lord Jesus, You can do this, please be over my hands, please enable me…” and it worked, I was all set up.  It reminded me of the verses above, which I had read a few days before, the nurse wasn’t worried about what anyone around her thought, she prayed for help from the One she knew was powerful and able.  Sometimes we have to call out to Jesus in faith, He always listens.

Song – God who listens

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Prayer (Nick Fawcett)
Lord Jesus Christ, lead me into today with eyes open to see You, ears open to hear You, a mind open to receive You and a heart open to serve You, for Your Name’s sake.  Amen.