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Challenges! Challenges!

by Andy Cokayne 28 April 2022
First published 11/3/2021. We continue to post new thoughts but hope you find encouragement and blessing in revisiting some we have published previously.

Reading - Exodus 3 v1-11

What next for the church? What next for us? What next for me?

Moses was one who knew many challenges throughout his life. He should have been killed at birth, according to the edict from Pharaoh, but by a miracle he was saved. As he grew up he knew he was a Jew, with his people in slavery, yet he was brought up as a privileged Egyptian in Pharaoh's palace. One day seeing an Egyptian beating a Jewish slave, Moses went to the slave's rescue, and killed the Egyptian (Exodus 2v12-13), Moses ended up having to flee to Midian, for fear of Egyptian retribution. Moses settled in Midian and had a family. One day, when out with the flock, he saw a bush on fire but it did not burn up, so he went over to have a look at this strange site. As he approached the bush, suddenly he heard a voice speak "Moses! Moses! Take off your sandals for where you are standing is holy ground." (Exodus 3 v4-5). God had heard the groaning of his people Israel in slavery, and was calling Moses to go back to Egypt and lead his people out of Egypt.

But why would Moses want to go back to Egypt, a place where his life was under threat? Why would he want to leave Midian? Midian had been his home for 40 years. He had his family and he was settled, safe, and successful in his work. Why would he want to drag his family away from such a safe and secure environment? But God had a job for him to do. No one else was qualified or called to do it. Would he be prepared to meet the challenge? 

God may have a challenge for us to meet, that we are uniquely qualified and called to do. We may say that at our time of life, we are safe and secure. We like where we are, we are settled and comfortable. Nevertheless God could be calling us to something knew.

What is our 'Midian', the place where we have become dangerously comfortable? What is the 'Egypt' to which God is calling us?  It could be a place, a situation, any sort of challenge. Moses knew the challenge but also the joy of following Gods guidance and finally being prepared to trust and obey the God who is faithful and can be trusted. Moses, of course met the challenge, and went to Egypt, leaving the safety and security of Midian, and saw God's hand at work. Will we?

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Father we thank you that you are a faithful God who can be trusted. Be patient with us, and help us to face the challenge of our 'Midian's' where we have become dangerously comfortable. To your glory, we pray. In Jesus' name. Amen.