Sharing Our Faith Together

Finding the Lost

by Peter Blount 29 June 2022
First published 29/6/2021. We continue to post new thoughts but hope you find encouragement and blessing in revisiting some we have previously published.

Welcome to ‘Sharing Our Faith Together’

Reading for today Luke’s gospel Ch 15

This is a chapter about people and things that were lost, for various reasons but with great effort searches are organised until the sheep, the coin and the son are all found.  This is followed, of course, by much rejoicing. 

I guess that while writing these thoughts we get a chance to include a favourite hymn – so here we go

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As we have had extra time to reflect over the last few months, I’m sure, like me, you have spent at least some time tidying and sorting through boxes that have been in the back of cupboards forever. In that process ‘things’ have been found, or at least rediscovered, bringing back memories of all kinds. 

But there is a difference here, in your sorting process, the things you ‘found’ were not really lost they were just forgotten and pushed into the background.  However, in the reading, the sheep, the coin and the son were clearly lost and the shepherd, the woman and the father were fully engaged in finding that which was lost. 

For some and even ourselves at times, lockdown and restrictions have give rise to losses, sometimes obvious ones like freedom of movement – meeting friends – eating out.  But there have been more subtle losses where things have gradually disappeared over time - like focus, direction, interests even faith and hope. 

The vital issue now is to identify the problem, recognise the loss and begin the search for its return.  It may take time and it may be a difficult path to tread but Jesus, through his words recorded for us in scripture, constantly assures His readers, that’s us, of His presence, guidance and strength. 

So please – find the lost – and rejoice greatly. 

May Jesus help us search for that which is lost and rejoice with us once it is found.