Sharing Our Faith Together


by Stuart Malkin 21 October 2021
First published 14/10/2020. We continue to post new thoughts but hope you find encouragement and blessing in revisiting some we have previously published.

For the last four years we have had two four legged friends replacing dogs we had all our married life. Friends can be physical or verbal and even these two have their own way of communication. I tell you all this because I have two more new friends coming, but that is for later.

Talking of friends, there are a number identified in the bible that I believe have something precious to say to us. One my favourite Old Testament pair are Ruth and Naomi, which immediately are not seen as friends but actually relatives.

However, there is beautiful phrase in the first chapter of the book of Ruth that in a way changes that when Ruth says to Naomi “Where you go I will go and whoever your God is will be mine also”. There is bonding here physically on a road to the unknown future life and also for Ruth, a spiritual abyss which enhances their friendship and changes her life completely.

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My second pair of people were actually sisters, a woman called Martha who invited Jesus into her home, an act of natural kindness, an action of friendship and action, perhaps wanting to know more of what it was like to entertain this man of God. What do you do to ensure the best was supplied? Her sister, Mary, it is written just sat at the masters feet.

What a difference between them, Mary wanted to take in everything that he had to say even though it annoyed her sister. Jesus accepted both women to show that both had something to contribute to the kingdom of God.

Both stories have something to tell us about friends and friendship in their own particular way. The hand of God was there and blessing them in His own particular way. We all need friends, be they animal, human. By the way, my new friends are zimmers and who couldn’t ask for better supports.

Other than the Lord himself.