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God speaks through the wilderness

by Andy Cokayne 17 August 2022

Reading: Matthew 3 v 1-6

We were recently on holiday in North Wales, and each morning woke up to the site of Mount Snowdon before us in the distance, well at least we knew it was their somewhere behind the clouds. On travelling to our holiday accommodation we had driven along the Llanberis Pass, and round the base of the mountain. We were awestruck by its size, and with the other mountains in the range, what a wilderness it looked. With a wilderness it can generate conflicting emotions with in us, we can either be awestruck by the vast size, or fearful, or perhaps amazed at the wonder of Gods creation. 

It brought to mind that sometimes we feel as though we are in a wilderness, with a sense of being lost; not quite knowing which way to go, as we have lost our sense of direction. Which in turn can cause us to be fearful or even depressed. So as a reaction we feel that the wilderness is something to be avoided.

Yet when we read God's word, the wilderness was often the place when God spoke most clearly and decisively to people. 

Think of Moses, it was in the wilderness when God finally got his attention, and spoke to him through the burning bush. John the Baptist, his experience in the wilderness prepared him for his prophetic ministry. Finally Jesus, where in the wilderness the Father prepared him to meet our arch enemy the Devil, and then not be overcome by the Devils careful temptations. Each time God met them in the wilderness, when everything was stripped away, and spoke to them clearly and decisively. 

So when we next feel that we are in, or on the edge of, a wilderness experience, rather than feel discouraged and down about our situation, be encouraged and listen out for what Our Heavenly Father wants to say to you! 

Song: Show me your ways

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Heavenly Father when I feel that I am in a wilderness, help me to know that I am never far from you, and I pray that you will speak to me afresh. In Jesus' name. Amen.