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God’s Promises that Jesus Fulfilled

by Stuart Malkin 14 June 2021
First published on 22/6/2020. We continue to publish new thoughts but hope you find encouragement and blessing in revisiting some that we have published previously.

Reading Matthew 8:23 - 27

Jesus calms a storm

Jesus got into a boat, and his disciples went with him. Suddenly a fierce storm hit the lake, and the boat was in danger of sinking. But Jesus was asleep. The disciples went to him and woke him up.

“Save us Lord” they said. “ We are about to die!”

“Why are you so frightened.?” Jesus answered. “How little faith you have!”

Then he got up and ordered the winds and the waves to stop and there was a great calm. Everyone was amazed. “What kind of man is this, the wind and waves obey him”.

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Father God you made numerous promises in your Word. Today in what appears to be a broken world we need a special promise from you that will open the ears of all. We pray today that you will mend this world and hearts are changed.


When the disciples were called by Jesus they must have thought a new world was before them and all they came in contact with. The disciples changed their lives so dramatically and saw and heard things none had heard in their lives. Discussion must have been astonishing! All the people were looking for a Messiah could Jesus be the one, could they be released from the oppressors ? The synagogue leaders were either amazed or fearful of this man Jesus and his 12 followers


Currently wherever you go you see rainbows, symbols of hope in the darkness of the pandemic. I saw one the other day and written over it was the phrase “STORMS DON’T LAST FOREVER“ and let’s pray this is going to be correct.

In the reading the disciples found themselves in a boat with Jesus and suddenly a storm blew up, they thought they were going to die!

Ann has just started a pulpit fall depicting a rainbow

It looks at this time as if the rainbow or perhaps the world is broken up into pieces. We find ourselves in a pandemic that is puzzling the most learned and the public reacted in a changed way - caring and sharing, bound together in apparently a new way. Suddenly the storm of distrust, distress and hatred through race rearrange a world that started to look at itself starts to blow itself apart. What has to happen for people to see a man that even the storm obeys?

Are we Christian people failing in some way in speaking out about Jesus and his coming again? Martin Luther King said “I have a dream”, perhaps we have been asleep too long.

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