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Growing in Jesus

by Stuart Malkin 23 February 2022

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I have just completed one of Derek Blurton's books “Thoughts from a Garden Seat”.   I would recommend the series of three books to anyone who likes to read anything that an author has to say about yesterday, today or tomorrow followed by a biblical follow up.  In the chapter I would like to highlight, the author recalls certain things that took place when he was at school.   On seeing his grandson’s laptop computer he was reminded  that his equivalent in the 1950s was a chalkboard. Alongside was a box that housed the white chalk sticks that the teacher used on it.

He recalls clearly that certain strong lads were chosen to bring in crates of milk, others to give out the milk and others the straws. Other monitors were chosen to give out pencils, books and another chosen as bell monitor,  but never him, however fast he put his arm up to do these important tasks.

Maybe some of these memories and others to do with school and beyond ae familiar to you if you are of that era.

How many times have you said, “Do you know when I was a lad/lass…”  just recalling something to emphasise a point. Jesus did it,  in fact it started at a very early age.

Reading: Luke 2 V 41 to 49
When Jesus was twelve his parents took him the temple, when the festival was over they started back home.  His parents didn’t know Jesus was still in Jerusalem, they thought he was with the group so they travelled on for a whole day. They suddenly realised that he was not with the group so they went back looking for him on the third day they found him in the Temple sitting with the Jewish teachers,  listening to them and asking questions.  All who heard him were astonished and at his intelligent questions.

His parents were astonished when they saw him and his mother said to him, “My son why have you done this to us?  Your father and I have been terribly worried trying to find you” He answered them “Why did you have to look for me don’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house? But they did not understand his answer.

When Jesus was talking to his disciples or even people in a gathering, he may have said at some moment, do you know when I was a lad my mother would talk about how an angel visited her before I was born and told her that God had a special message for her. My father also had a visit from an angel when I was born guiding us to safety and yet when I was twelve and talking to the religious leaders in the temple my parents didn’t know what I was doing.  Jesus would probably follow it up with how confusing parents can be!

Our past can be something of value, be it through everyday life or helping us in our spiritual lives.  In both cases there needs to be growth and Jesus would take every opportunity to help his listeners to realise how important it was for them to grow and know what God had in mind for them.  Likewise, we have opportunities to grow in Jesus just as he did in his thirty three years of working life here on earth.

Father God we pray that you help us to grow day by day to know your directions for us. Amen