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Had a Bad Day?

by Stuart Malkin 14 September 2021
First published 10/9/2020. We continue to post new thoughts but hope you find encouragement and blessing from revisiting some we have previously published.

Ann and I, when involved with Sunday Club, loved to add somewhere in the session part of a book about Maximus the Mouse. You may not have heard of this little rodent but he always had something to teach we humans by his errors.

In one story Maximus has an argument in the supermarket, followed by missing the bus because the plastic bag handles came off leaving his shopping left all over the place. He got back to the church were he lived and fell out with his friend. Then found he had bought Bisto gravy instead of coffee and the day got worse and worse. He realised because of his grumpiness he had nobody to talk to. He decided to go and have his tea by helping himself to some sermon notes that he found on the pulpit. This is what he read “John chapter 15 verse 12” Love one another as I have loved you

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We have all had a bad day sometime, in one way or another, but perhaps it’s how we deal with them that impacts our lives. Maximus was about to digest some paper with words on that had the greatest effect on him, in fact he says this “John feller certainly had something to say.”

“Love one another as I have loved you” Jesus gave this commandment with all the authority that he had, why, because it was God the Father who gave it to him for all who accepted both of them. What more can we need?

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Father God may we continue to love one another, more importantly may we continue to love you and your Son, Jesus, more and more day by day.