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Happy in the Arms of Jesus

by Stuart Malkin 14 July 2020

£1.57 Billion announced for the arts, no this is not a party, hurrah as the words do not speak of the details. Currently, culture and those in it and those who produce it tend to be very low down the order of importance. But think of a world without any music, art and writing in all their forms and it becomes a little drab. People in the arts lift our hearts and make us think, using our brains as the Lord desired us to do.

The other day one of our youngest grandchildren was involved in a ZOOM presentation of violinists. She has been playing for a very short time, there were about 9 in total and the quality progressed to an amazing quality for their age and learning. My eldest granddaughter over a number of years had entered a 500 word competition and this year achieved becoming within the last 5000 out of 135000. She wrote about what was going on in her mind whilst the home was in turmoil, Very moving and thought provoking!

This reminds me of the hymn “Think of a world “,How about…..

Think of a world without all parts of an orchestra and it’s players.

Think of a world without a piece of art and it’s artist.

Think of a world without a song and it’s singer.

Think of a world without a piece of writing and it’s writer

And it goes on and on, and I’m sure you could add…..

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Reading Matthew 19:13-15 Jesus Blesses the Children

Some people brought the children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and to pray for them, but the disciples scolded the people. Jesus said “Let the children come to me and do not stop them because the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these”. He placed his hand on them and then went away.

These two short verses remind us of how important it is to allow children to develop in all things. Letting them open their minds is so important beyond the necessities of basic read, writing and arithmetic (old saying but partly true).

The people saw something in Jesus beyond being a preacher, a man to be trusted, a man who their children would be happy in his arms, a man who would pray for them in a special way. How important this is today for all parents whose minds have been focused for their children to be on scholastic matters. Bringing little ones into the knowledge and arms of Jesus will give them a strength for a future that as seen is so unknown. Children can have vision that unfortunately adults loose. In the power of the Holy Spirit we can all be blessed by Jesus and be happy in his arms.

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Father God may we always place our lives in the hand of the Holy Spirit in all we do, think and say.