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Have Patience

by Stuart Malkin 8 August 2020

Read Luke 15:11-24

Many years ago when Newmount and probably many other chapels up and down the country Sunday schools had many children attending, one of the main events was the Anniversary were the children led the services in word and song. One year the superintendent along with the the musical leader had arranged for the children to learn pieces from a musical called “The music machine” of which there was one piece called “Have patience, have patience don’t be in such a hurry”

In the normal scheme of things at that time how apt it seemed to be as life, at that time, seemed to be hurry, hurry and more. Currently we seem to be experiencing a dose of the opposite, but for how long, as government eases back into what many believe is normality.

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What is Patience?

The story that Jesus told is known to most, probably because it was told in school, home or Sunday school, very much a pictorial story, For many years at Newmount we have been blessed by a man with an unusual gift, that of mime. Barry could take a biblical story or message and embrace you in telling you it without a word. There are two that have remained with me, the first is the Prodigal Son as found in Luke 15 and another which was called The Chocolate Box. I tell you about this because the characters were clearly defined in action and expression.

This story from Luke, Jesus identities immediately how patient this man was with his two sons, and how impatient the youngest son was who couldn’t wait to get into the big wide world. At the same time you will note that the older brother is not mentioned until after the above is written. (He was somewhat grumpy, after all he had stayed at home and worked for dad)

It would be easy to focus on the son/s but surely it is the patience of the father that Jesus was trying to identify to his listeners. Should we be asking today how patient is God with us? Let’s face it we give God every opportunity to turn his back on us.

The situation we have found ourselves since March has pushed each one to ask how long is this going on for - typical of impatient man!

We were reminded the other day of God’s Power and in that is the patience he has in each and every one of us.

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Father God you made us all and some of us have problems with patience. Forgive us, help us and direct us. But never let us forget that you gave us the greatest gift of all, that of the Holy Spirit.