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Holy Week 2022 - 2. Darkness & Light .... Death & New Life

by Peter Blount 12 April 2022
Welcome to the second in our series of Holy Week reflections prepared for us by Peter Blount and Andy Cokayne, who are Methodist Local Preachers.

Today’s reading is in two parts.

In the first part of the reading some of the feasting Greeks ask to see Jesus.

Jesus tells them it's time for Him (that’s Jesus) to be glorified and begins to explain the principle of how death must happen first, like a seed, Jesus himself or old life and habits, before thy can be reborn into something bigger and better. 

These verses, however, point directly to a choice of following or not following Jesus and an assurance that His father, our God will honour a positive choice.

So now please read John Ch12 v 20 – 26

As you do, consider this picture that appears simple but clearly identifies a need to choose one path or the other.

Often in scripture we come across an ‘understatement’ and the next part of today’s reading begins with exactly that!  
Jesus is still speaking and (bearing in mind He knows exactly what is to happen in the next few days) he says ‘My heart is troubled’!  I should think it was!  However, He discusses, almost with himself, His two choices – ask to be excused the trial and ultimate crucifixion or seek strength to go through it. 
Jesus is immediately ministered to by angels and His inevitable path is restored, He even uses the angel's visit to assure His listeners that the angel voices were for them and all part of the plan.

As Jesus speaks of His fast approaching fate the suggestion of light and darkness are introduced and again the reader is faced with a choice.
Trust the light whilst you have it so that you will be strengthened through the dark times or walk in the darkness and loose your way.

Now read the second section of today’s reading,  John Ch 12 v 27 – 36a
Here is a second picture to consider as you read.

I have included a beautiful version of an old Easter Hymn originally part of the St Matthew Passion and written by J S Bach. ‘O Sacred Head’

As you listen ponder on the last few words of today’s reading John Ch 12 v 36b
‘When He had finished speaking, Jesus left and hid Himself from them’.

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Heavenly Father, whatever we face in life, particularly as we approach Easter may our choice be guided by you and lead us to Light and Life.

In Jesus' name we pray,