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Holy Week 2022 - 3. Betrayed by a close friend

by Andy Cokayne 13 April 2022
Welcome to the third in the series of Holy Week reflections prepared by Andy Cokayne and Peter Blount, Methodist Local Preachers who are part of our church fellowship.

Reading : John 13 v 21-32

The group of Jesus and his disciples gathered in the room set aside for them. Jesus washed his disciples feet, and started to share the Passover meal with them, as he passed the bread to Judas, we read 'As soon as Judas had taken the bread, he went out. And it was night.'  It was as though from this point on a dark veil fell over the events that followed, and yet we know that light overcame darkness. In Luke's account we read that Judas had already agreed, to betray Jesus, and he had agreed to point him out in the crowd with a kiss. Why this would be needed appears strange and unnecessary, after all Jesus was already well known by all in Jerusalem, never the less this would be the sign. Jesus would be betrayed by a close friend, by a kiss, a sign of affection or honour.  
Betrayal is a terrible thing, to be betrayed by any one is tough. But by a close friend must be the worst kind of torture. What have I done to deserve this? What have they got against me? Why do this? Must be just some of the questions that pass through our mind. We feel hurt, let down, frustrated, perhaps angry. Yet here you sense there was no anger in Jesus, no frustration in his voice. Although he knew full well what Judas was about to do, he did not question, or try to dissuade him. Jesus knew that Judas, one of his own disciples; that he had ate and lived with over the last 3 years, that had witnessed his miracles, received his teaching, experienced the love that he had for all who came to him; one of his own close friends, was about to become his betrayer. Yet willing he walked that road of sacrifice. What Love

Song : The Servant King

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Father enable me to stand and not deny Jesus, or betray him, by what I do or don't do this Easter. May I be a true friend to others, and a true disciple of Jesus. May your Holy Spirit work within me to prepare me for this special time of year, that I may begin to realise more fully what my forgiveness, cost you. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen