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Holy Week 2022 - 4. Humility

by Peter Blount 14 April 2022
Welcome to Sharing Our Faith and the next in our series of Holy Week reflections.

Yesterday Andy discussed Jesus’ meal with the disciples in the upper room that we call the last supper, and made reference to the fact of Judas approaching betrayal of Jesus, leading the Roman soldiers directly to Him.

Today we look at two events which took place either side of the last supper.

Firstly, John Ch 13 v 1 – 7

As the disciples gather in the upper room and before the rather plain, but unbelievably significant meal is served to them, Jesus, the most important person at the meal and leader of all His followers performs this extraordinarily menial task of washing the disciple's feet. 

Reading between the lines (if we are allowed to do that with scripture) I’m sure the disciples did not allow this to happen without much opposition. Thy would have protested strongly saying, no, we should be washing your feet.  But Jesus insists on carrying out the task to show a willingness for humility and kindness as well as expressing His overwhelming love to them.

As Judas was then identified as Jesus' betrayer during the Passover meal, Andy talked yesterday of the pain and sadness of betrayal, especially by a close friend.

John Ch 13 v 31 – 38

These verses begin ‘When he was gone’,  that is Judas, to do his wicked act of betrayal, Jesus now talks not sadly but in almost excited tone of His glorification on earth and in heaven. Explaining that shortly He will be with them not in person, but in spirit.

Before the meal Jesus expressed His love for the disciples by washing their feet, now He gives them not a request but a ‘commandment’ to ‘Love one another as I have loved you.

Then pops up the ever confident and outspoken disciple Peter, wanting to know more details of the events that are about to happen.  You get the feeling that Jesus is a bit exasperated at this point and needs to point out that not only will Judas betray Him within hours, the headstrong Peter will deny or disown Jesus not once, not twice, but three times.  How devastating – following so closely on the heels of Judas betrayal.  

So the day concludes in disarray, denial and desertion!!

As always, for us there are lessons that we must try to learn, nearly always the message is similar, in as much as we should offer ourselves, like the disciples eventually did, to the master's service, completely and without question, that our lives may be dedicated to Him and bring glory to His name.

Hymn: Take my life, and let it be consecrated Lord to Thee

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Father, this day, as we give thanks for your sacrifice and before we look again at an empty cross may we offer our life, including our hands, our voice, our money, our will and love – that they may be ever, only, all for thee. 
In Jesus' name we pray.