Sharing Our Faith Together

Holy Week 2022 - 6. Then there was Silence!

by Rev Jacky Quarmby, Andy Cokayne and Peter Blount 16 April 2022
Welcome to Sharing our Faith and the final reflection in this series for Holy Week. Our Easter Sunday service will be available tomorrow from 10.30 BST

Reading : Matthew 27 v57- 28 v1

On Saturday, the crowds kept the sabbath and put their feet up  after all the excitement.

On Saturday, Judas committed suicide because he could not forgive himself.

On Saturday, the High Priest felt he could relax because he’d spent his money well.

On Saturday, the Pharisees and the chief priests congratulated each other that it was all over.

On Saturday, the disciples locked the doors and planned their journeys home.

On Saturday Peter knew that he had abandoned his friend and there was nothing he could do.

On Saturday, the soldiers guarded the sealed tomb and wondered why they were bothering.

On Saturday, the women who knew Jesus, wept and wept as they prepared the spices to anoint their Lord’s body.

On Saturday, evil seemed to have won…

Song : Mercy Tree

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We wait in silence, between the agony of Good Friday and the joy of Resurrection on Easter Sunday. Father grant us patience when we want to rush ahead. Grant us boldness when our tendency is to fear. Grant us clarity when all around us seems confused. Grant us your presence when we feel alone. Grant us hope when all appears lost. 
In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.