Sharing Our Faith Together

Hope of a world transformed - Christian Aid Week 2023

by Ruth Croft 14 May 2023

Ephesians 1:15-23

In this passage Paul is writing to the new Christian community in Ephesus. He reflects on the work they are doing and points them to the hope to which Jesus calls them, which will sustain them through the challenges they face. That hope is of a world transformed.

That transformed world, which Jesus called the kingdom of God, must have seemed an impossible challenge to a new and small community in this important city of the Roman Empire. As they reflected on their own capacity and the scale of the challenge, they must have felt very vulnerable. Paul addresses this. His prayer reminds them they are not alone. He stands with them and, more importantly, God is on their side. Whatever the present may look like, a world where justice and peace are established is coming. Nothing can stand in the way and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the sign of that.

In this Christian Aid Week, we too must work together in pursuit of that same hope that Paul speaks about. Everyone should have the chance to live a full life, not one defined by famine, poverty, unrest or disadvantage. Christian Aid works across many countries to bring this about in long term projects and in emergency situations to ensure that no-one  is in any doubt that God, in the power and presence of His Holy Spirit, does stand with them.

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God of reconciliation and grace,
you promise us a world where all is new,
where love is born when hope is gone,
where broken relationships are restored to wholeness.
May we live as people who know your story of love,
and we have the vision to imagine what could be possible if we dared to live this story.
God of abundant life, may we be witnesses of love, hope and peace, and co-creators of your life in the world.

If you are able to donate to Christian Aid, you can find ways to do so here