Sharing Our Faith Together

How Do We Respond?

by Alan and Clarice Smith 19 November 2023

Read John 6:1 - 14

Jesus said to Philip, ‘Where are we to buy bread for these people to eat?’ John 6 :5

In the passage today we read that Jesus asks Philip where the disciples could buy bread to feed the multitude that had been following Jesus. The scripture says that Jesus asks Philip the question in order to ‘test him’ - to see how he would respond.

Jesus already knew what he was going to do about feeding the crowd. But he wanted to see if Philip would respond with faith or with doubt.

Philip did not take into account what Jesus could do to solve the problem. Philip saw what was possible through human efforts, not what was possible through the involvement of Jesus.

What about us? Do we look at our life’s struggles with a limited viewpoint as Philip did? Or do we view them based on what is possible when our Heavenly Father gets involved?

The next time we are faced with a problem or crisis, will we rely on our limited strength, knowledge and capabilities? Or will we prayerfully involve our Heavenly Father in the situation? When we offer our struggles to God, we can see that His incredible power brings us solutions we never thought possible.

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Almighty Father, help us always to look to you when problems arise, trusting you to do what we cannot do. Amen