Sharing Our Faith Together

In God’s Presence

by Chris Lane 26 May 2024

We cannot invite you to our time together, Lord, for you are always here before us.

We cannot take you into the world, for you have gone there before us.

Wherever we are, you are there. Wherever we fail to go, you are there.

So in every place and at any time we have confidence to call out your name, and know that you are present.

Here and now, in this chosen place, we make our prayer: Come, Lord Jesus, come and be with us.

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As we come into God’s presence may it be

-a time to be still

-a time to feel God’s Spirit

-a time to feel God’s arms around us

-a time to listen to God’s voice


Take a moment to ………..‘Be still and know that I am God ‘

How good it is to celebrate God’s presence

And to sing His praises throughout each day!

We celebrate what He has done for His children

through history:

His creation of our world

and the sun and the moon and

the unnumbered stars

that light up the universe;

His creatures that swim and crawl

and walk and fly on our planet;

His children chosen to enjoy

these great gifts around them.

We praise Him for dealing with His human creatures 

through his blessings heaped upon them;

His revelations through signs and wonders;

His tender love and gentle concern

in His care shown towards them.

We praise Him for His devoted servants;

who communicated His word;

who performed His miracles;

who brought His healing to people’s hurts.

We celebrate His continued blessings to our world;

the flowers that bloom in glorious colour;

the rains that freshen the earth;

the birds that fill the air with song.

We give thanks for His perpetual love;

His forgiveness of our sins;

His pursuit of those who run from Him;

His reaching out to heal them

and to draw them to Himself.

We call all men and women to praise the Lord:

those who preach to proclaim His love;

those who sing to glorify His name;

those who can shout or whistle

or write or paint

or dance or play musical instruments

or pound on bells or bang drums

to join in celebrating

the majesty of our great and loving God.

Psalm 147-150 by Leslie Brandt from Psalms Now

And all the people said Amen!