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Jesus is our wisdom

by Alan and Clarice Smith 11 September 2022

Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Col. 2:2-3

Taken and adapted from A Year's Journey with God by Jennifer Rees Larcombe

Would you agree that when we have a major decision to make, or we are not sure how to solve some conflict in the family, or at work, we long for wisdom?  Probably some of us would dash off to the wisest person we know and ask their advice.  However, that is only a good idea up to a point.  If we asked more than one person we thought wise, we would probably find they each advised something different, resulting in being left more confused.  It is far easier to go directly to the Bank of Wisdom Himself and draw out what we need.

That sounds a bit too simplistic you may think, particularly if you are going through a time of major confusion and just can't seem to hear God's voice at all.  Your thoughts don't seem to stay still, instead you wonder 'Should I do this?  Or suppose I try that....?'  It is at such times as these that our brains seem to crash like an overloaded computer.

At such times our brain needs a rest.  How about focussing on Jesus and concentrate on connecting with Him, giving Him the opportunity to download gradually the right solutions, in stages, at the exact time needed.

Thank you, Jesus, for your promise to lavish on me all wisdom and understanding. (Eph. 1:7-8)

Song: Lord of creation to you be all praise

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