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Just a Minute!

by Stuart Malkin 7 June 2022

I have enjoyed for many years a programme on Radio 4  called “Just a minute “ where 4 panelists  have to speak without hesitation, deviation or repeating the subject on a prescribed subject. The other  panelists try to gain points by buzzing in to interrupt the flow of the speaker.  ( Try speaking for one  minute keeping to these rules,  it is not easy). 

I recall when as a youngster I loved making model boats.  Some of these were made from light wood with a sail which  I loved to take down to the local park pond.   One always  had to have a string attached to ensure that even in a light  wind didn’t finish up in the middle of the pond, never to be  seen again. 
The other type of boat was not for sailing, made from  plastic, each piece pushed out of a range of plastic sheets.  These boats took ages to construct and the glue seemed to  get Into places you didn’t always want it to get to. However if success was achieved, the final part was the painting, this really finished the model off. 
Thinking about these boats has made me realise how would I have done if instructions hadn’t have been part of the kits. In the first book of the Bible we read of a man called Noah.  
The world at this time we are told was Godless, however,  as one would expect,  God knew what to do and who to get  to carry out  the responsible act of correction on his behalf.

Reading: Genesis 6 v 9 to 22

Noah was not given drawings to carry out this monster task  of building this ark although dimensions, we are told, were given to Noah along with who and what was to go in it.   It is  believed Noah,  like many who lived at the time,  was a farmer so to carry out such a carpenter's job must have been  a challenge. In addition there was no doubt there would  have been many who mocked him in doing what he was  told. 
One thing was Noah didn’t say” Just a minute”,  let me think about about what you're asking me to do. I can’t do it without more details.  He just got on with all God was telling  him to do. 
Perhaps in the story of Noah there is a guide for us all today. There will be times when God gets us to do something. The human frailties are those of the opposite to Noah and we may say just a minute, do you really mean  me?  There may be problems, stumbling blocks and weaknesses but we need to put our trust in him, he knows best for what is put before us.

Song: In His Time 

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Lord, may we realise that all the time that is before us is in your time and in your way. Amen