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Just Been Thinking!

by Stuart Malkin 19 October 2020

I was listening to a programme about black holes - very confused. Then a TV item on the same subject - still confused. Finally turned to my iPad, I thought the answer is bound to be there and lo and behold! I started to understand a little but then confusion took over again.

1. You cannot see a black hole

2. Our milky way may have black holes

3. Space and time need exist for black holes to exist etc etc,

So I thought I will wait and ask see if someone will explain it to me?

Ok, how about Covid 19 which has encapsulated the world now for months? There is no doubt that history books will be written in the future taking into account all aspects of this horrible time, people will be studying for degrees that consider its impact on society. Thinking back our lives have been amazed by considering things that are going to happen.

This got me thinking of my past. We were lucky and had a black telephone in the house (I can still remember the number, 7409). Down the road was a red telephone box for those who were not so fortunate. If we had been told that one day people would be walking around with telephones attached to their ear that allowed you to speak to anywhere in the world and do many other things, we wouldn’t have believed it!

I remember being told whilst on holiday in Wales that one day I would go to countries I had never heard of and I would get there by aeroplane. I didn’t believe it!

​Reading Matthew 7:28-29

When Jesus finished saying many things the crowd was amazed at the way he taught. He wasn’t like the teachers of the law, instead He taught with authority.

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Believing in modern day question marks has become part of the world we live in. I asked someone this morning if she knew what black holes were and she said” that her youngster would know as he seemed to know everything.”

Ok, I continued “you’re in the medical profession, you would agree Covid is a horror that no one seems to have a handle on yet you believe it is a monster that there is no answer to.”

“Yes, but my son doesn’t have anything to say about that.”

Well, I continued, “how come that most people don’t believe that a man could come into the world to save them from their sins. Jesus, the Son of God.”

The conversation almost stopped there as she was about to say “I’ll ask my son” when I added “if only we had the answer to that, but it all lies in the acceptance of sin”

Conversation ended as my physio took priority.

Our faith is based on the acceptance of our sins and we, left to our own devices, can’t do anything about them but the Son of God did by dying on a cross. A symbol that today we find an horrific way of death. The difference being as followers we also believe that he rose from dead. Perhaps modern man cannot understand it so reject it.

A man rising from death 2000 years ago surely is good news for modern man, and outstrips black holes or even covid19?

(By the way the physio asked her sons and they sent me two drawings of black holes and all they knew about them., showing that care comes in different ways.)


Father God we thank you for each day you created. May we continue to look and listen and open our minds to the advances of tomorrow.

In Jesus name.