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Little Drops of Water

by Stuart Malkin 27 October 2020

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Reading: Exodus Ch 4 v1 to 7

Then Moses answered the Lord “But suppose the Israelites do not believe me and will not listen to what say. What shall I do if they say that You did not appear to me?” So the Lord asked him, “What are you holding?” He answered , “A stick” The Lord said “Throw it on the ground”. When Moses threw it down, it turned into a snake, and he ran away from it. Then the Lord said to Moses, “Bend down and pick it up by the tail.” So Moses bent down and caught it and it became a stick again. Do this to prove to the Israelites that the Lord the God of their ancestors, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has appeared to you. The Lord spoke to Moses again, “put your hand inside your robe” Moses obeyed and when he took it out it was diseased, covered with white spots. Then the Lord said to Moses, “Put your hand again inside your robe” he did this and this time when he took it out it clear just like rest of his body. The Lord said this should convince the doubters.

My wife was involved in the Girl Guide movement for many years. When we met and married some 40 years ago, I thought she was taking on impossible task as I had no idea about different knots, eating out in the open air and certainly not putting up a tent.

Shortly after getting married we decided to buy a trailer tent so at least we were off the ground. Camping, in any form, needs a lot of trust in how solidly the tent is pegged down and also good weather conditions. You are more likely in this wonderful country of ours to experience damp or wet. Even in that condition were you go out and experience that weather, “little drops of water” that quickly becomes wet, wet, wet. Can you imagine this in your tent ….. getting wet is imperative to a gun dog.

From our reading about Moses, you can see he was challenged by God to carry out what appeared to him to be impossible tasks. His main concerns through his life seemed to be surrounded by what Israelites would say or do. Moses, when convincing the Israelites that they could be free of their slavery found himself with the parting of the Red Sea. This situation was more than a few little drops of water. Place yourself in the place of these people who had been in slavery, only to be convinced that all would be well because God would protect and save you and then at the eleventh hour find yourselves at the point of destruction.

You can almost hear the words from Moses ” Nothing is impossible if you put your trust in God” and freedom was theirs. Thankfully none of us have been in this position.

Trust is a part of all our lives and how we react to that call. We again are at a point of this second wave of the pandemic which is affecting individuals, communities, families, industry and commerce, charities and the church. From day one we were told that if we trusted medical professionals, then politicians, there would be a control on this horror. God’s name seems to have been silent probably because of the Godless world we live in. We’re not sure if “Nothing was impossible if we really put our trust in him.” We possibly find it easier to pray for individuals than difficulties that are national nightmares.

Do you think we need to pray corporately in our homes on a certain day at a certain time? By faith in Christ’s name as individuals we may be as little drops of water but we could be apart of a river of joy in combating this situation we all find ourselves in.

The age of miracles is not dead!


Father God we pray for the world you created and all that is happening in it. May the Lord Jesus and his Spirit be at work at the evil that abounds in it.