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Looking Ahead

by Peter Blount 11 July 2022
First published on 16/7/2020. We continue to publish new thoughts but hope you find encouragement and blessing in revisiting some that we have published previously.

Today my thought is brief but to the point! Please don’t be put off by the first few words. I hope I make a point that is relevant to us all.

As the years pass, the inevitable thoughts begin to enter our mind about our mortality, what is next? Is there a next?

Let me ask the question in a different way, are you looking forward to the day you meet Jesus face to face?

When you can ask questions, receive a welcome like no other, embraced in His loving arms and take a tour of heaven in all its wonder and majesty.

Throughout our Christian life there have only been two priorities placed before us, firstly to be ready for that personal meeting with Jesus, whenever it may be and secondly to promote His saving gospel to others whilst we wait.

Jim Hill, who was a singer/songwriter wrote a gospel song in 1955 when he was only 25 years old entitled ‘What a Day That Will Be’. It was on the subject of His personal meeting with Jesus. He had to wait another 63 years until 2018 to fulfil that meeting, but in the meantime he wrote many songs, preached and sang to thousands.

Are you able to identify with his song?

It’s sung here in true southern gospel style – enjoy!

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Open our eyes Lord to the beauty that surrounds us, the strength within us and the joy that awaits us.