Sharing Our Faith Together

Medicine of the Soul

by Ruth Croft 13 August 2021

Good morning and welcome to ‘Sharing Our Faith Together’.

There is a bank of scientific research into the positive effect smiling and laughter has on our health.  After many years as a nurse, I can speak from experience of their remarkable healing power.  I have heard them called ‘the medicine of the soul’.  Proverbs 17:22 reminds us that “A happy heart is like good medicine”

Over the last 17 months it may have felt that these particular items have, at times, been in short supply (like toilet rolls and flour)!  Instead of viewing things with the usual mixture of optimism and humour we may have allowed worries and fear to distract us from the joy that God intends for our lives. If that sounds like you, perhaps today is the day for you to renew your prescription!

The location and version of today's hymn is a little different, but shows how energising and empowering His joy can be. Enjoy!

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Giver of immortal gladness,  fill us with the light of day, today and every day. Amen