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New Year’s Eve - An Ending or a Beginning?

by Peter Blount 31 December 2020

Before we get into this thought let's reflect on the fact that we have just celebrated Jesus was born into this world

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So New Year's Eve – an Ending or a Beginning?

On this day we inevitably finish up doing one of two things, either we reflect at length on the events, highlights and low lights of the past year, therefore it’s an ending, or, we look ahead to summer holidays, a full calendar (hopefully), new challenges and the fulfilment of dreams, therefore, it’s a beginning.

I wonder, on this day 2019, who could have predicted the course of 2020? It presented us with a worldwide pandemic, international mayhem, economic downturn and unprecedented personal challenges all of which will have lasting effects far beyond vaccines and a general return of normality. Many will say, therefore, most definitely new year’s eve this year is an ending!

In our Christmas morning service I used the reading from Isaiah Ch 9, where, in verse 2, Isaiah predicts with such confidence that he is able to speak in the past tense of an event yet to happen! He says ‘The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light’. And so it was, hundreds of years later and in such humble circumstances the prediction came true. A Saviour was born and the government was on his shoulder. So that year it definitely was a beginning.

But, because of that new beginning and the stated fact that the ‘Zeal of Lord will accomplish this’ we can now, on New Year's Eve 2020/21 change to the present tense, in as much as, he is Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. With that assurance then, despite all that is past, we are at the point of a new beginning. 2021 offers us the same unpredictable future as any other year, but, if we continue to walk hand in hand with the babe of Bethlehem who became our Saviour, we can walk with confidence.

If, by any chance during this wild and unpredictable year your confidence in God's saving grace has been challenged, take a moment, as I did when writing this thought, to reflect on your first meeting with the Lord Jesus as your personal saviour. How did you feel? Blessed, uplifted, ecstatic, cloud nine!! And, as that initial walk with Him continued, did a growing sense of peace and protection develop? I hope so, mine did!

On the threshold of another year, in the peace of your home, here is a reminder of how it all started when you first came to Jesus and maybe, just maybe, we need to return to these simple yet profound truths.

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Heavenly Father, at the end of one year and the beginning of the next we are beyond grateful for your coming to earth, for your paving the way to salvation, and for allowing each one of us to come you ‘Just as we are’.

May we be constantly immersed in your love, protected by you grace and empowered by your spirit.

Take us forward by your power to walk with you and work for you, in Jesus' name we pray.