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Our God is always with us

by Stuart Malkin 26 February 2023

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Have you ever been alone?  I have to say that I used to experience this when we first came to live in the house we have lived in for more than 40 years.   It all started when Ann gave me directions to get to the newsagent some quarter of a mile away.  Take the dog with you she suggested, a big mistake!   I couldn’t find my way out of a paper bag on my own, never mind with a dog.   Off we went following Ann’s directions but the dog seemed to know a short way,  so I followed.   It should have taken 10 minutes but more than an hour later I returned home with paper and dog (I’m sure he had a smile on his face).  It’s difficult to explain how I got lost and experienced loneliness, even when the dog seemed to know the way and get a longer run at the same time.

Song: God is with us

YouTube shows adverts which may not be appropriate to the video we have selected.

In Psalm 46 we read that our God is always with us, and then goes on to list a range of situations that this relates to.
I had a relative who was a water engineer and his job meant going to numerous parts of the world and finding ways of extracting water where there appeared to be none.  I recall him saying on one occasion that the expressions on people’s faces when water came from the ground via some form of tap was as if you had waved a magic wand.
No more walking 10 miles or more for the family to get the fresh water that we take for granted in this country.  He said “When it comes to food and water, why is your God with you and not with so many around the world?”
In the developed world we would say that water and food are the basics of survival, yet we are seeing more people going to food banks to ensure they and their families survive.   What is going on? Perhaps food is wasted at the point of manufacture or purchase or is it a political decision, to make that need a deeper understanding of people’s needs.
“Our God is with us” in all situations, be they thousands of miles away or right on our doorstep. We need to remember that he sent his Son to experience all of man’s pains and sins.
We started these thoughts today with a song “Alone yet not alone” and perhaps the Psalmist was saying this when he says to us Our God is always with us, and perhaps we need to hang onto the fact that God never leaves us in whatever situation we find ourselves.   In other words there may be times when we feel alone,  but God’s presence assures us that we are not alone.

Father God we are aware of many people who are struggling in one way or another in this country and around the world. We pray for all people in these situations and may they experience your love in one way or another. Amen