Sharing Our Faith Together

Passion Sunday

by Rev Jacky Quarmby 2 April 2023

Reading:  Mark 15: 1 – 39

During the last week of his earthly life Jesus was repeatedly called a King:
by his disciples who were full of hope and expectation;
by children cheering innocently in the temple; 
by his enemies who were suspicious and afraid;
by Pilate who was confused and uncertain;
by the soldiers who mocked him and beat him;
and finally, by a sign above his head on the cross.

Jesus was and is a king, but not of any earthly kingdom.  Jesus' kingdom, the kingdom of God, is present whenever a person allows God to reign in their lives. Jesus' kingdom, the Kingdom of God, is present whenever a person dethrones the other gods in their life - money, power and self - and puts God first.  

In the 16th century, Lancelot Andrews wrote a prayer called “Open thou mine eyes” and in that prayer, he prayed that God would reign in his life.

The prayer goes like this …

Open thou mine eyes and I shall see
Incline my heart and I shall desire:
Order my steps and I shall walk
In the ways of thy commandments.

O Lord God, be thou to me a God
And beside thee let there be none else,
No other, nought else with thee.

Vouchsafe to me to worship thee and serve thee
According to thy commandments
In truth of spirit
In reverence of body
In blessing of lips
In private and in public.

May this be our prayer as we journey with Jesus to the cross, this Holy Week.

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