Sharing Our Faith Together

Prayer for Schools

by Sue Muessig 6 September 2021


As staff and pupils return to our local schools today, Interact have promised to hold them in our prayers, will you join us in making this a week of prayer for our schools?

In Acts 4:23-31 we can read “The Believers’ Prayer”.  God’s people gathered together to pray, they started by praising God and then they asked God for help with their problems.

Song – Everywhere around me

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In the reading, the believers asked God to help them to deal with their problem, we know that the Covid pandemic has caused many problems for staff, pupils and parents and will be a big concern for many as they gather back together.  So, we have been asked to pray for the safety of staff and pupils and also for God’s peace to take away any fear and worry.  We have also been asked to pray for new teachers joining the schools, that they would soon settle into their new roles.

The reading finished with:
After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.

We continue to pray for growing links with our local schools and that we would have opportunities to boldly keep sharing the Word of God with both staff and pupils.

A Prayer for the New School Year
God of all wisdom, we praise You for gifting us with curiosity and learning. Give to all students, teachers, and caregivers a clear sense of Your love. May they feel Your presence throughout this school year. Guide their choices, their quest for knowledge, and their relationships. Use their successes and failures as opportunities to grow in understanding of who You would have them to be. Continue to shape them, that they may walk in the way of Christ, grow strong in the Spirit's love for all people, and know the complete joy of life in You. In the name of Christ our Great Teacher, we pray. Amen.

Linda Witte Henke, adapted, “From the Vine,”