Sharing Our Faith Together

Prayerful Pruning

by Peter Blount 6 May 2021

Welcome to ‘Sharing Our Faith Together’

Reading: John 15 v 1 – 8

During a recent Sunday Service Rev Raymond Lunt discussed the above reading in which Jesus declares ‘I am the vine, you are the branches’ and during his talk he used an expression which fascinated me.  

As Jesus speaks about caring for the vine and noting that sometimes pruning is required to remove dead wood and encourage new growth, thus yielding a greater harvest, Ray talked about ‘Prayerful Pruning’.

I do agree with Ray that often this is a difficult and painful process but the results will always outweigh the initial trauma. 

I would like to suggest that we use this morning thought to consider the implications of ‘Prayerful Pruning’ for ourselves, and not just in the context of church life.

So let us pray :- 
Heavenly Father, thank you for this portion of scripture, which makes it clear to us that pruning is often a necessary feature of our life. 
Silence – Lord help us  

Help us to consider our personal life set against the background of family, practical and church life.  Identifying areas of routine and duty which may have become stale and unnecessary.
Silence – Lord help us  

Having seen the possibilities for change, particularly in a time when lots of things are being rethought by default. 
Give us determination to prune.  
Give us wisdom to know where, how and to prune.  
Give us strength to know how much to prune.
Silence – Lord help us 

Lord as it is often difficult to prune efficiently, which means change is inevitable and can lead to pain and misunderstanding.  

Give us grace and love to recognise, understand and manage any and all implications of pruning, so that fresh shoots and new growth will appear, both in our lives and in the life of our church.  

We ask these things as well as personal, private prayers for the glory of our Lord Jesus and His kingdom. AMEN 

P.S.  If you have an extra minute or two, how about making a few notes about where and how to start your pruning!

Every Blessing