Sharing Our Faith Together

Stepping Out in Faith

by Stuart Malkin 11 February 2021
First published on 1/5/2020. We continue to publish new thoughts, but hope you will also be comforted and encouraged by revisiting some earlier ones.

Paul writes to the church in Philipi when he was in distress

Philippians 4:8-9

Brothers and Sister fill your minds with those things that are good and deserve praise: things that are true right, pure, lovely and honourable. Put into practice what you learnt and received from me, both from my words and from my actions. And the God who gives peace will be with you.


I make no excuse for this song that Ken Dodd who was a comedian and a man of faith sings. The words say things that we may hold onto in times of distress and a time for us all to remember where God is.

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Father God how often we need to be reminded to rely on you. You are a God that is true in that you say and do. Help us to put our lives in your hand and walk with you.


Do any of you have a biblical reading that says something to you because it reminds you of weakness in some way?

I am going to own up and say mine is Matthew 14 v17-32. The passage is headed Jesus walks on the water and that is exactly what he did, but Peter wanted to go to Jesus in faith and walk to Jesus. Our lives are full of times when we need to walk closely to Jesus. Just like Peter we step out and then look out and begin to sink because of lack of faith. In this passage we can learn to put out our hand and be lifted in His.

Paul wrote to the Philippian church when he was in trouble and no doubt needed to put out his hand into Christ’s. He wanted his brother’s of this church to be reminded that whatever was true, honourable, right, pure and good was that of Christ Jesus so step out in faith knowing that whatever happened He would always be there.


Paul’s message has to be ours today.


Brothers and sisters in Christ put your hand into His and step into the world when allowed knowing that Jesus’s footprints are always there guiding and giving you faith in what God wants for you.


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