Sharing Our Faith Together


by Stuart Malkin 16 April 2023

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Although we have just celebrated Easter, I’d like to share a story from a Christmas some years ago. The family had eaten,  presents opened and people were doing various things from washing up to playing games. The story goes back some ten years and I tell you this because the focus of a high percentage of the people there turned to one person,  a little one who had been encouraged to walk but because of her age was finding it difficult. Someone gave her a basket containing pretend food that she was very interested in.   She pulled herself to her feet using the basket to balance. This was followed by several steps. The first steps leading to where? Where did the power come from and where would it take her?

Reading: 2 Colossians v6-8 
Since you have accepted Christ Jesus as Lord, live in union with Him.  Keep your roots deep in Him,  build your lives on Him,  and become stronger in your faith, as you were taught.  And be filled with thanksgiving.  See to it then,  that no one enslaves you by means of the worthless deceit of human wisdom,  which comes from the teaching handed down by human beings and from the ruling spirits of the universe and not from Christ.

In life we all take steps, some lead one to positives, others the alternative.
Many years ago now Ann went to a Christian women’s meeting and the speaker told of an incident that had happened to her family concerning the steps that her twin girls had taken in their lives. She spoke of how the girls were her first and as she had read up on all the books she felt appropriate and helpful on family life,  including the Bible.   Both she and her husband were avid readers. Her husband was also a musician so there was plenty of activity and interest around their home.Time went by and as they were twins they were treated as such. (The speaker gave examples of their family life including how the loving church was involved)   The girls were treated in the same way but things changed quickly and one girl’s life focused around books and positive pursuits, the other sought socialisation outside the home which quickly lead to her destruction in many ways.  (I will leave the story there as even the teller found difficultly in completing it, other than to say that God was in their family life).

In our reading we are reminded by Paul of our first step, that if we have accepted Jesus into our lives, and there is a wonderful phrase “keep your roots deep in him”  how difficult that can be when your life somehow seems to be spinning out of control. However,  knowing that you have accepted Him, be it recently,  or decades ago,  it’s like a having a tree in the garden. You also know the roots also go down well deep for you to continue accepting its beauty. How important it is particularly that young people in this technological world also know the reality of the man Jesus living, dying and living again not just then but now. Knowing Jesus is a wonderful thing to have  to share in whatever way we can, step by step the world may get closer to its creator.

Father God guide our steps day by day to get closer to you. At this time we pray for all who suffering in all parts of the world particularly with the pandemic.  Continue to lay your healing hand upon your crying children and help steps of faith be strengthened or even walks of faith start along your road be clear. Amen