Sharing Our Faith Together

The Joy of Lockdown!

by Peter Blount 26 May 2020

Welcome to ‘Sharing Our Faith’

During my daily lockdown morning walk I have become more aware of the joys that surround us every day. The beauty of the sky, unspoiled by dust clouds and vapour trails. The sound of the birds and the breeze in the trees, unspoiled by the clatter of daily life and the constant roar of traffic. The smell of the morning dew and the scent of flowers, unspoiled by pollution and exhaust fumes.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go back a few years when it was like that all the time, or back further to Jesus’ day when the main form of transport was your feet, or even further to the moment of creation itself.

Have a read of Genesis Chapters 1 & 2, how all things were created and God saw that it was good and God blessed it.

So ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ (do enjoy the silent pictures at the end!).

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That is one of those songs that has been with me since Sunday School days and looking back we used to sing it with great enthusiasm, but I didn’t really get the full meaning. Now, I understand more of what the hymn writer was trying to do by summing up the wonders of creation and the generosity of God in gifting it all to us to look after and to enjoy it.


Heavenly Father, this morning as we remind ourselves of the wonders of your creation, we are disappointed with ourselves that our care of it is often lacking, and instead of enjoying creation we simply take it for granted. Lord help us now to appreciate all that surrounds us, and as lockdown is gradually lifted make us think more carefully how live our lives within this beauty that is all around.

Grant to us all your peace and joy this day.