Sharing Our Faith Together

The Lord Helps!

by Peter Blount 17 March 2022
First published 20/2/2021. We continue to posy new thoughts but hope you find encouragement and blessing in revisiting some we have previously published.

Welcome to ‘Sharing Our Faith Together’

Before you start to read these few words take your time to work through this Psalm 37.  The commentary in my bible describes it as ‘Instructions in Godly Wisdom’.

As we have now entered the period of Lent – a time for reflection, abstinence and fasting, it is indeed necessary to seek Godly Wisdom. 

As Jesus was going through what he knew to be his last few weeks on earth, I wonder how he was coping with the inevitable as it drew steadily closer.  Despite the fact that he was fully aware from the beginning what his earthly mission was and how it would draw to a conclusion – Godly Wisdom must have been at the highest point in His list of helpful supports.  

Having looked at this Psalm, the writer David, is aware that he is surrounded by a strange, aggressive and evil world.  But, in every few verses there is a comparison between the ease with which evil is able to prevail, whilst although seemingly less significant is the calm and comforting Wisdom of God. 

It’s ironic that so many years on from when David wrote this Psalm, the world appears not to have learned many lessons; but in all situations and circumstances there is always someone, quietly and consistently exhibiting the Wisdom of God. 

Lent is a time to for us to reflect and find inner strength which is so needed in these troubled times, and as perhaps there is a light beginning to appear at the end of the tunnel, then the Wisdom of God is needed as much as it ever was. 

David’s penultimate verse in this Psalm reads ‘The salvation of the righteous comes from the Lord, he is their stronghold in times of trouble’. 

Lent then – the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning?  I leave that one with you!  Here is some ‘thinking music’ perhaps it's worth reading the Psalm again. 

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Prayer -  
Lord of our lives, give us grace and wisdom to live for you.