Sharing Our Faith Together

The Park

by Sue Muessig and Peter Blount 26 July 2021

Good morning and welcome!

At Newmount Explorers Holiday Club we will be focusing on a different location every day as we think about our journey of faith.  We will suggest a different place to visit each day such as the park, the garden, the stream etc and there will be some videos, crafts, and games to enjoy at home.  The journey of faith isn’t easy, but we take a step at a time looking at Bible stories which help us to focus on the strength, hope, faith and courage God gives us each day.

Today our bible story is – Creation (Genesis 1)

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The Theme is ‘You are loved’ and today we will explore ‘The Park’

Faith is a journey made up of different steps. We start thinking about the journey by going back to the very beginning, when our amazing creative, powerful God created the world.  

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.  Genesis 1:31

God created the universe because He loves each one of us. You are part of His creation and He is pleased with how He made you.  The same God who created the world is with us right now.  He knows all about you and wants to be your friend. Never forget that you are unique and you are loved.  

Thank you Lord, for each new day that is born out of your wonderful Creation.  Help us to acknowledge your presence in our surroundings, in our lives and in our hearts.  As members of your family, we pray this day, that your blessing will fall on each of us as well as on our Holiday Club children. 

 If you have time and are able why not just take a short walk in ‘the Park’ near you and enjoy God's Creation and give Him thanks for it.