Sharing Our Faith Together

The Techno Gospel!

by Peter Blount 22 March 2021

I begin this morning with a traditional hymn that has a global message.

YouTube shows adverts which may not be appropriate to the video we have selected.

Remember all the way back to yesterday’s service! I mentioned that it was exactly one year since we, as a church, started to post our services and a daily thought here on our website.

Over the past year we have published 373 different items from 24 different contributors on the Sharing Our Faith page. No one knew how much time and effort would be involved to prepare material for these posts reflecting our desire to continue proclaiming the gospel. 

On average each page has been viewed in access of 100 times per day over the twelve month period.  As you may guess Christmas morning was our best day with over 300 views. 

Feedback and comments suggest that they continue to bring comfort, challenge and a sense of belonging and without doubt, folk are both blessed and encouraged in equal measure. So, many thanks to everyone involved - writers, editors and readers alike and may I say personally it is a joy to assist the process in a small way.

Now here is a thought!  ‘The Techno Gospel’ I wonder how have we considered this year of websiting the gospel?  Has it been a temporary fix because we have been excluded from the building and we have made the most of what is available. OR have we experienced the beginning of the new normal?  Are we, as a church, at the point were we can embrace the technology and share the gospel via the internet. Are we ready to expand the media possibilities and be proactive in an area about which we know very little. 

Do we want the thrill of the new and unknown or the comfort of the old and familiar.

Unsure!  -  Read Peter’s speech right at the birth of the church in Acts 2 – they were stepping out into the unknown and the unfamiliar  -  Peter encouraged his listeners among other things, to dream dreams and see visions ………

What say you ??

Heavenly Father, our prayer, as always, is to be strengthened in our faith and encouraged to share it as you lead us.  Help us to hear your voice, understand your guidance and have courage to see you in action through us.