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The Time for Peace!

by Stuart Malkin 1 August 2022

For quite a few years on a Thursday and Saturday morning there has been an enthralling programme on Radio 4 called, “ From our own correspondent”.

 In it, a small number of speakers give their thoughts into what is happening around the world.   These people/correspondents give insight on what is happening in war torn places, to little places that many may will never have heard of, or even what is going on in an individual’s life.  I would like to précis one of today’s speakers (23.7.22),

Valentina’s Kiosk
Steve Rosenburg, BBC Moscow correspondent says every day he gets all the newspapers he can.  On  this particular day, he went into the city on a bitterly cold morning and went to a paper kiosk. Later he knew it to be he called Valentina’s after the dear elderly lady behind the counter. She typified a Russian grandmother.

In saying this he paints a picture of her looks, but also the land of yesterday as well as the present.

Steve goes on to describe how he decided to pick up his papers from the kiosk daily and build up a closeness with this dear lady. On one occasion, when Putin sent his soldiers on what he referred to as a special mission, the lady in the kiosk looked very sad saying “our boys will die, the people in south Ukraine will suffer” (She came from there).

God created all people to live in peace and that is what we want peace, peace!   And the story went on even as the lady eventually finally left the kiosk hoping to find peace in her latter years but not sure what lay ahead.

How many people search out peace for themselves their families and those around them? In 1987 a singer called John Denver spoke and sang about having a dream.

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Continually we are told and shown items that have been discovered going back millions of years. In many cases one can only be amazed by the discovery and the brain that has put a date to what is being shown. However,  when it comes to talking of a loving God who sent his son into the world visual scepticism is at the forefront, even when we are only talking of a few thousand years in time.  Maybe it is that in a world that seems to be filled with pain, mistrust, difficulties, hunger and even war, a world of harmony seems far from a possibility.  In the 1970’s and 80’s, people’s minds seemed to turn to a world that didn’t need the war machines of previous decades and peace groups popped up across the world.  Unfortunately, like many human desires, the focus fell to the ground and the groups disbanded. So, here we are in 2022 and again war seems to take centre stage and peace seems so far away.
In one of the minor prophets (Joel) we read the following, “Turn to me now whilst you have time saith the Lord”
Many things happened after these words were announced but the highlight to the world was God sending his Son Jesus as God.  He wanted to give each individual the opportunity of salvation, something that continues to this day.
The question is, can peace be granted in this world in turmoil?  Yes!  God gives all men the opportunity to turn to him and experience a oneness with him and all men. It does not rely upon a dream but a reality.  Many I am sure who have experienced the gift of salvation will tell of how it changed their lives.  Paul who had, in the early days of the Christian church, had carried out terrible things on the early church.  He was shown on the Damascus that God loved him and set him on a new life.  People today can experience the same transformation today.  Who is to say that the warmongers of today cannot have a Damascus road experience and lead world peace movements never seen before. Let us pray for this and believe it is not a dream.

Father God you continually give us the chance to speak and listen to you therefore may we learn every day to learn more of what you have in store for us.
We pray Lord for the places of the world that are in distress in one way or another and peace seems so far away from the innocent.