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Time the Avenger

by Stuart Malkin 2 August 2021
First published on 30/7/2020. We continue to post new thoughts but hope you find encouragement and blessing in revisiting some we have previously published.

Some of you are aware, I originally come from Swadlincote, South Derbyshire and whenever we went shopping we invariably went past the town hall and around the clock are the words TIME THE AVENGER. Time is certainly something that the older you get the faster it passes.

If you say this young people look at you with some bewilderment. The strange thing is as they reach middle age for some reason they will mention this and start agreeing it actually happens!

In the mid 60s a song came out about time, I would like to share this with you, perhaps it may bring back memories (look at the hairstyle!)

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As we come to a strange time in this pandemic when the lockdown has apparently come to an end.

Is there any good come out of this time? The obvious answer to this has to be no, with so many affected by this trauma.

A little while back I read about a terrible thing that was produced in World War 1. Any war is bad enough, but it was called, in certain quarters, the “Chemical War”. I was particularly interested because my grandfather, like many, suffered from mustard gas. Over the years it was discovered that certain chemicals used became useful in the attack of certain types of cancer, and chemotherapy ultimately being used.

I am not saying that out of the pandemic some major discovery will not be found, but one of the major points that people talk about is time. Parents have discovered the oneness they can have with their children. People in general constantly applauded the workings of the NHS and all whose time is devoted to it. When you see what happens in the healing zones, where coronavirus is being challenged by men and women dressed in combat equipment hardly able to breathe themselves, one’s heart go out to them.

On a different track, unfortunately aeroplanes at the volumes we have got use to, many are now grounded, and they with a reduction in motor vehicles seem to have made the world a quieter place. Rushing for any form of transport has had an impact on our time.

Sitting in the garden one is very much aware that local nature is in full voice, and the pond is certainly active, something’s that really make you thankful for when destruction could seem to be the only voice. All too often we hear about this bird, or this animal, or any form of non human life is in decline, but sometimes nature has another voice. Maybe we have been given the opportunity to see with new eyes and listen with new ears.

How often have we said when young, and today of this generation say “I don’t have time “?  We have been given time to examine many things, it’s a matter of not letting TIME BE THE AVENGER

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Father God, you lead us sometimes if we are mobile or otherwise in wonderful directions, may we always know that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are with us day by day